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How Do the Hobbits Look So Small? (X

Sorry, I’m not good at listening so feel free to correct me please. 


what….? I’m not gonna drown with him just ‘cuz we’re allied



My favourite pictures of Gangsta Loki

Because I thought I’d collect some of ‘em in one post! :D

This is not a goodbye




In reply to hundreds and hundreds requests about Sherlock learning how to play violin 

Aaaand another fic, dear Yuri! <3 xxx



John can’t leave me now. He is the only person I can rely on. He is the only thing I can trust. He is the only one. No, no, nope. You can’t leave me, John. Tell me you are joking. Please, John. Tell me this is a nightmare!


But he doesn’t. His dark-blue eyes stare at me apologetically and I swear – I swear, swear, swear – that if I walk out of the room at this very moment, he would cry.


No, John! Don’t do this, stupid John! You can see it too – you don’t want to leave. I don’t want you to leave. No one wants you to leave. Except your dull parents.


‘Are you really going to leave?’


I want to add some ‘me’ at the end of the sentence but I know perfectly well this is going to sound awkward and so out of space. It’s better to preserve my status of ‘an annoying dick’ and my self-esteem high enough. Sentiment is not for me. It’s a chemical defect found on the losing side. I am not a loser. Not yet.


He nods and I feel a whole massive planet – not just a stone – in my throat. I am afraid that if I open my mouth, there would be no sound coming out from it.


‘But… why?’


My voice is weak, barely heard, almost a whisper. John shrugs.


‘Because of my parents. They want to live in the centre, to have stores nearby, theatres, to go to concerts…’


Dull parents, as I said. They can go to those stupid things if they live here. No reason for moving.


I sigh and John responds to me with a quiet cough. He is trying to suppress his tears, I can tell.


Don’t leave me, John…


‘I’m so sorry, Sherlock. We’re leaving in a week. I-…’


But he doesn’t finish. He just shrugs once again and walks out of the room. I curl up (John would say ‘sulk’) in my small sofa. Then jump off it and approach the window. It’s so quiet now – without John. Quiet. Calm. Peaceful. It’s disgustingly hateful.



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Loved this interview. SO PRETTY.

Ah yes. And wearing the pink shirt of dubious provenance.

And leather jacket. 

Keanu Reeves is a vampire.





Now, look at this:

That’s “Paul Mounet”, a french actor, who “died” in 1922.

His body never was found.

Then, look at this:

An unknown man, painted in 1530 by Parmigianino.

Compare them:

He’s a motherfucking vampire

His beard in 2011 even grows the same way as the painting in 1530

Yup, Keanu Reeves.



Really, I’m just amused by the idea of 1) Loki being casually dickish to his minions and b) Clint running menial errands in full gear.

Why was this not in the movie?